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About Us'

'Gastronomy Cyprus Tours & Events', is a  leading excursion travel agency licensed by the C.T.O, based in Limassol- Cyprus, introducing alternative tourism, specializing in gastronimical and thematic excursions of special interests.

The enterprise is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the EU. (ETAA) and the Republic of Cyprus.

The multi cultural side of Cyprus cuisine, influenced by the choices and cultures of different civilizations, in an amalgam of flavors from East and Europe, based on the Mediterranean diet, which gains greater prestige and appreciation worldwide.

With absolute respect to the philosophy of alternative tourism, our office aims  the dissemination and development of Cyprus as a gastronomical destination, encouraging the interaction with the local environment and the revival of traditional arts at international and national level, contributing to the encouragement of personal and spiritual growth to journeys of intercultural exchange, consisting gastronomy, a reason to travel.

  • Indulge yourself a gastronomical journey, that meet the objectives of the theme tour.
  • Discover the hidden secrets of gastronomy by visiting villages and communities.
  • Experience the magnificent culinary delights island wide by visiting workshops and participate in challenging cooking experiences.
  • Visit venues with top chef demonstrations of fusion cuisine and learn techniques that will allow you to repeat the same tastes in your kitchen.
  • Enjoy a detailed designed excursion from our unique standard excursion packages.
  • Customize your own tailor-made itinerary according to your interests, motivations and budget, by simply following our innovating guiding system build in our website.

About Cyprus

Cyprus lies on the crossroads of the Levant - the eastern aspect of the Mediterranean, and third largest in the region. One of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean since the Mycenanean Greeks installed the island's Greek roots, evidenced by cultural sights, many of them listed as Unesco World Heritage sites.

The 'Aphrodite's island', enjoys an enviable worldwide reputation as a sun sea and sand holiday destination. Away from the tourist areas, the Cyprus countryside has a diverse wealth of its own, you've yet to discover

The tiny quaint houses and the traditional coffee shops, nearly clustered around the ever present churches, the hospitable people preserving customs and traditions offering a sense of community set the perfect sample of an Alternative tourist destination.